Sorry for the laziness

2017-08-12 13:26:27 by Deadtuna

Sorry for being unactive, a lot is going on.

I'm working 2 jobs and in college, so I'm short on time. 

I'll try to make something with what spare time I have.

Sorry for the wait

2015-11-23 02:23:59 by Deadtuna

Looks like I have 13 fans now. That is probably thanks to musclebaby. (


And, I know I know, for those who care; I know I haven't been too active here rescently. I have been working my ass off on something BIG. Really BIG. It is not a dick....for once.... Ha


I am working on several cartoons and shiz nit but it will take me a while to finish them.


Be on the look out for more of my garbage!!


One more thing. Get yo ass over to my Patreon page and donate. I may be able to make animating a full time job. That would be awesome right???..... Anyone?


Give meh a dolla!! ^


(Jk you don't have to.)

Very Important!!

2015-01-18 00:24:20 by Deadtuna

This is a very important message!




That is all

Busier than sh*t

2014-09-10 10:30:57 by Deadtuna

Work, work, work. Animate, animate, animate. 2 cartoons in the works. Working some freelance jobs. Making little money. When jobs are done, new cartoons come out. 


Low funds

2014-05-11 00:43:29 by Deadtuna

I'm  low on money and I can't find work. I have been looking on the forums for paid work but I can't find anything. I would love some help. And sorry for my shitty sense of humor. My animation is good, so I've been told. 

More effort & new animations?

2013-11-17 18:06:01 by Deadtuna

As many of you may find out, I'm still fairly new to NG. I have posted a few videos an I've gotten responses like "Funny, it was good but i would like to see you do better, you have potential.", "Nice, Funny! Could do with a bit more movement though. :)", and "funny, but not much effort put in it". I am plan on putting in more effort on videos, however I am using a mouse so my art is shit. Once I get a graphic tablet, I will be making more animations (Better quality and animation) and maybe even a show (if my the promo goes well. Until then, this is all the information I'll be giving out about that plan.

Quick Update On New Video

2013-11-09 01:56:44 by Deadtuna

Don't worry for those who are waiting, there is a new short coming out. Sorry it's taking so long. I've been down and extremely busy, also stressed. As we all know Thanksgiving is coming soon. I will be away from the computer for a while then so hopefully you all will have enough entertainment from me to be satisfied. I promise this next video will be...interesting. Leave a comment of well whatever you want. Talk about a bagel for all I care.

I need new software

2013-11-06 22:22:06 by Deadtuna

I have been working my ass off making this animation but my software is limited. I can't animate frame by frame. I have to draw everything before hand and it takes up too much time also considering I don't have a graphic tablet. Does anyone know where I can get a nice, cheap tablet and what version of adobe flash is cheapest. I have little to no money.

New stuff?

2013-11-05 00:05:47 by Deadtuna

Not like anyone will read this but if you are starting to like the sh*t I make, you are in luck. I will have new stuff coming out soon. Sorry it takes so long but I use really crappy software (without a graphic tablet). Once I get my hands on flash (or another traditional animating software with onion skinning) and graphic tablet, you can expect a lot more videos. If you read this good for you and remember to watch my crap.