Entry #1

New stuff?

2013-11-05 00:05:47 by Deadtuna

Not like anyone will read this but if you are starting to like the sh*t I make, you are in luck. I will have new stuff coming out soon. Sorry it takes so long but I use really crappy software (without a graphic tablet). Once I get my hands on flash (or another traditional animating software with onion skinning) and graphic tablet, you can expect a lot more videos. If you read this good for you and remember to watch my crap.


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2013-11-05 00:31:15

I like your profile pic! :P

Deadtuna responds:

Thanks, dude!


2013-11-05 01:17:10

love the pic.

Deadtuna responds:

Thanks :)


2013-11-05 10:29:23

I'm expecting great stuff! Let the pressure commence!

Deadtuna responds:

Might take a few days for it to come out because I have crap software and no graphic tablet, but there are going to be new vids.


2013-11-06 21:14:19

Sorry it's taking so long to put up the new video. It is taking forever to finish.